The Edge of Love is a movie which deals with the ups and downs of multiple relationships. It brings to you the essence of first love, extra marital affairs and also bring up children. It is a beautiful movie centering two beautiful and spirited lady (Vera Phillips and Caitlin Macnamara)who fall in love with the same person, who is an handsome poet Dylan Thomas. This story is thought to be loosely based upon the life of the famous poet Dylan Thomas.

Kara Knightley plays the role of Vera Phillips.
Matthew Rhya plays the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. He is the first love of Vera Philips and they reunite during the World War II, Thomas was a married man then, with a child.
Sienna Miller plays the role of Matthew Rhya's wife Caitlin Macnamara. She is a free spirited women with an independent mind. At first, Vera and Caitlin were like rivals, but later they became very good friends.
Cillian Murphy plays the role of Vera's husband. He is a British soldier and falls in love with Vera and they eventually get married.

The story takes a lot of turns and is really great to watch. It is one of the most brilliantly made movies of all time which deals with relations in a different way. John Maybury directed the masterpiece and it is written by Sharman Macdonald. It is a brilliant movie, worth watching!